Strategy Workshops

Launching an app is a business. Careful planning and skilled execution are integral to its success.

What’s covered?

In our fully catered, one-on-one strategy workshops, experienced mentors guide you through the entire app design, development and launch process. We cover a comprehensive range of topics, from USP (unique service offering) to target demographics to monetisation to user flows and everything in between.

Our premium workshops also include design of a high-fidelity interactive prototype by our professional UI/UX designers. Our basic workshops include a paper prototyping session where we nut out the user experience (UX) on paper together and load it into your phone as a basic sharable prototype. See pricing.

Competitive Analysis

Who are your direct and indirect competitors? What do they do well and how do you compete?

Defining Your USP

Stand apart from your competitors and attract users by defining your unique selling proposition (USP).

Customer Analysis

Get to know your customers by creating targeted user personas to focus design and marketing.

Setting Goals

Set goals and KPIs for your app to maintain focus, measure success and identify issues.

Raising Capital

How to create an effective business plan and investor pitch. Introductions to investors where suitable.

Technical Feasibility

What is and isn’t possible. Which platforms and frameworks to use. Commercial viability of features.

User Engagement

How to grab user’s attention and keep them engaged. How to keep them coming back to the app.


Develop high level marketing strategies and help create organic growth through app design.

Idea Validation

Is there a market for your app idea and is it big enough to make a return on investment?


How to make money from your app. Which model to choose, how much to charge and when to charge.

App Design

Creating memorable and intuitive user experiences through user-centric design.

Maximising ROI

Planning a minimum viable product (MVP) to reduce cost, validate your idea and maximise ROI.

User Flows

Making sure users can access features and move through the app smoothly and intuitively.


Choosing a unique and memorable name and visual style that stands out from competitors and sells your app.


Cost out the design and development of your app, including the MVP and future phase features.


Maintaining the health of your app and planning for future research and development.

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