What are the benefits of working with Proof?

There are many benefits, including:

  • Get your idea onto the App Store quickly before someone beats you to it.
  • Only 1 in 10 apps makes a financial return. Proof enables you to minimise your risk by spending as little as possible on the first release. You can then invest more on it later once you have proven there is a market for it.
  • A functional proof-of-concept can help when raising capital.
  • Unlike a normal app development process which is very hands-off, with Proof you get to be part of the action.
  • Work with experienced mentors who have been on the app journey many times before.
  • All development done locally here in Melbourne.

What is a hackathon?

HACKATHON [hak-uh-thon]

A hackathon is like a marathon for coders and designers. It is a fast-paced, collaborative event in which a team is given a goal and tasked with achieving that goal within a set time period. Hackathons have been described as “hotbeds for innovation” and many large tech companies use them to generate new ideas and products. In a hackathon environment, an experienced and enthusiastic team can accomplish in 2 days what would normally take weeks.

What is the criteria for working with Proof?

We use the following criteria to assess applications:

  • Do we believe in the idea?
  • Do we believe there could be a market for the app? (applicable to startups)
  • Can the core function of the app idea be realistically achieved in a 36 hour hackathon?
  • Is the concept simple enough to demonstrate in a proof-of-concept app?
  • Does the applicant have a good understanding of their market?
  • Does the applicant understand the definition of a proof-of-concept?
  • Does the applicant have the right temperament to work collaboratively in a high pressure environment?

What kind of apps does Proof develop?

Proof develops simple, proof-of-concept applications with limited feature sets. The genre of app doesn’t matter so much provided that the scope of the app is very narrow. We are building a simple minimum viable product (MVP) so you can test your concept on the public or demonstrate an idea to stakeholders.

What are the constraints of Proof?

  • Stick to 1 user type. An app that has multiple user types, like buyers and sellers for example, would be too complex to complete in the Proof Program.
  • The app should be designed around 1 core feature Eg. An app for sharing recipes. Additional features, like the ability to also create a shopping list or follow specific recipe makers, can be added later.
  • Don’t rely on complex visuals or animation. While it is possible to add extra interface polish after the hackathon, apps that require or revolve around complex visuals are not suited to Proof.
  • We start with iOS only (Android support can be added later)
  • Advanced monetisation models are best left until after you have established a demand or interest in the product. Simple commercialisation like pay-to-download or very basic in-app purchases may be achievable.
  • Content-driven apps are a perfect fit for Proof, but don’t expect to fit hundreds of pages worth of content into the app during the hackathon. Focus on getting the core information in and setting up a good structure so that the remaining content can be added easily afterwards.

What NOT to expect in a Proof hackathon?

When you design and develop an app in a Proof hackathon, you should NOT expect the following:

  • A complex application with lots of features
  • A highly polished user interface with animated transitions and micro interactions.
  • Multiple user types.  Apps with multiple user types like Ebay, Uber or Deliveroo simply can’t be developed in under a week.
  • A bug free app. All apps have bugs and given the time-constraints of a Proof hackathon, yours definitely won’t be the exception. Bugs can be fixed after the hackathon though (See About page).

Do Proof apps come with a warranty?

Unfortunately, given the time-constraints of a Proof hackathon, there is no time to go through full beta testing, debugging and quality assurance testing phases (which can take months), so apps delivered in the program don’t come with a warranty. Any bugs discovered after the hackathon can be fixed at our standard hourly rate of $175.

Why would I pay $100k+ for an app when I could build it for much less with Proof?

There are many scenarios where Proof is not suitable, including:

  • Developing a complex app with lots of features
  • Developing an app that relies heavily on visuals and animations
  • Developing an app with multiple user types
  • Developing a social network or a 2-sided marketplace
  • When a high level of security is required (i.e. for banking apps)

Will the entire app be finished in the 36 hour hackathon?

Every Proof project is split up into milestones. Depending on complexity, sometimes all milestones will be reached within the hackathon and sometimes they won’t. Any features not completed within the hackathon can be completed after the hackathon at our standard hourly rate of $175. This includes finishing features, additional debugging, interface polish, new features etc. We suggest allowing for a few days of additional work after the hackathon to make sure your app is ready for public release.

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